I’m expanding!..but will keep this site up while I move to my new domain.   Leave a comment

Recently, several friends suggested that I use my blog to teach other people how to make photographic still-lifes and found-art sculptures from sentimental clutter they don’t want to throw away, but may feel pressured to do so by lack of space, or just lack of inspiration.  So, dear readers, I am creating a new domain to be the new home of . . . tadah . . .

DIY Found-Art for the Sentimental Packrat:  What to do with clutter from Grandmere’s attic, Poppee’s workshop, boxes labelled “sweethearts” and “travel” and “children”, even backyard excavations. 

It’s got everything the old Calhoun Rising site did, plus one thing that’s new.  

The old:  The autobiographical theme is still there, with a focus on my magical grandmother, Tisolay, and my deliciously eccentric home, New Orleans, as well as the historical theme, with a focus on my ancestry and the wealth of heirlooms and documents that I have inherited, and a twist of French Louisiana history to serve as a backdrop.  The Do-It-Yourself focus on the art that can be made of the tangible mementoes of our lives, while new (and delightful) in that it will bring me into closer conversation with you and make me the richer for meeting you,  is not really something new as much as it is a different slant on something that was already there.

The new: The new feature that was not a part of Calhoun Rising focuses on art therapy, my own brand of it, anyway. . . because working with the mementoes of our lives summons memories that can tap directly into our deepest demons.

So please forgive the absence of new posts for a while.  I hope to have completed the transition and resumed working with my mountain of sentimental clutter by the end of the year.  And I hope to see you on the other side with worthwhile things to communicate.


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